Rabban Contracting & Trading Co. (WLL)

The company was formed in 1964 as a general building and civil engineering contractor. It is classified as a Class “A” contractor and has an impressive record of achievement with a long list of successful major projects to its credit.

RCTC has been involved in a large number of prestigious projects in Qatar. Working with the major international and local consultants, the company employs qualified supervisory and technical experts to enable it to manage the most complex of projects.

Selected major projects include:

Al-Sadd Sports Club & Stadium

VIP Villas Development project

Qatar University – Engineering workshop

Al Shaqab School

Electrical Sub-Station

Extension to Compost Plant at Al-Neijah District

NGL Administrative Buildings & Workshops

Central Health Laboratory

Qatar T.V Building

Abu Samra Staff Houses

Sailiyah & Dehail Army Barracks

6 No. Public Houses at Sailiyah

Gulf Hotel Marina


Rabban Contracting & Trading Company,

P.O.Box 885


Tel: 44866772, Fax: 44875577

Email: info@alrabbanholding.com

URL: www.alrabbanholding.com

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