Chairman’s Message

Over the years Qatar has experienced an enormous growth, and is currently moving into an accelerated period of growth, laying the foundation for the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030.


Our group has faced many challenges in our quest for success, however, through a meticulously structured strategy and implementation plan we are able to recognize that we are succeeding. We will continue to seek out growth opportunities and exploit these opportunities to their utmost potential. Whilst aggressive in our pursuit, we acknowledge the importance of one of our most important assets, our staff. We will seek to attract and retain talent and will encourage our staff to fully achieve their individual potential.


We do not underestimate the importance of our environment and will continuously seek out alternatives to ensure that our environment and our children’s heritage is preserved. All Al Rabban Holding companies have pledged commitment to eliminate any process which may prejudice our environment.


Whilst conducting business our group appreciates the importance of both our valuable customers and suppliers of raw materials or services, and we will continue to enhance our business relationships with these important elements of our business.


Good Corporate governance standards and principles have been set and we will continue to support these to ensure that the morals, ethics and integrity of Al Rabban Holding is maintained.


Khalid Al Rabban,
Chairman – Al Rabban Holding.